Conditions générales

STANDARD CHECK-IN TIME is from 3 pm to 9pm.  

Please contact your host Anton 2 days before your arrival by phone +33753416169.

It is really important to confirm with him a time because we work strictly by appointment only.

Thank you for understanding.



Standard check-out time is 10 am, meaning all guests and luggage must be out of the apartment by this time. If you have a late departure and want to ensure availability, we advise booking the apartment for an extra night if available. Guests are asked to please leave the apartment in a tidy condition by removing all trash and recyclables, placing all used bed linens and towels in the bathroom and ensuring that all dishes and kitchen wear are washed and put away.



Exact arrival/departure travel information is extremely important to ensure that we can schedule you arrival and departure in advance. Arrival/departure details will be requested at the time of reservation, 14 days prior to arrival, 7 days prior to arrival, and 3 days prior to arrival. If arrival details are not provided at this time, we cannot guarantee a timely meeting at the apartment and you will be met when the greeter is able to fit you into his or her schedule. We ask that guests understand that greeters do not live in the apartment buildings and plan their schedules around your arrival details, so please be respectful of their time by providing your arrival details as early as possible.


Contact information :

For any additional information please contact our customer service through DUVE application and they will be happy to assist.


Arrival by plane:

CDG or Orly check in will be programmed 2h after landing time. Beauvais check-in will be programmed 3h after landing time.  These time lapses allow ample time to reach the apartment. If you encounter delays please advise your greeter immediately so that your check-in can be rescheduled.


Arrival by train:

We allow 1h from arrival time to reach the apartment. These time lapses allow ample time to reach the apartment. If you encounter delays please advise your greeter immediately so that your check-in can be rescheduled.


Arrival by car:

Please send an estimated time of arrival so your greeter can schedule check-in accordingly. If you encounter delays on the road, please advise asap. If 1h prior to expected arrival time your GPS indicates a delay, please contact your greeter immediately.  We advise that you anticipate extra time for all possible delays (stops, rush hour traffic, road works) to allow you to be on-time for scheduled check-in time.

You greeter might encounter delays in which case he/she will need to contact you, so please ensure that you have given contact telephone information. This may be due to a previous guest being delayed or having to respect another guests check-in time whilst managing to your transport delay. In which case, it is important that you are able to contact each other and schedule a new meeting time. If you have to wait, we suggest you go to a nearby café or restaurant so that you are comfortable until your greeter arrives.


WhatsApp :

This is our preferred means of contact (free calls/texts). If you don’t already have it, we suggest you download it as WIFI is widely available in most cafés and fast food places. Both at airports and train stations you are allowed 1h free internet connection.


PAYMENT RULES for internal reservation :

If the first payment is not made within 48 hours of the request to reserve an apartment, then the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

No payments for rental fees and damage deposits will be accepted upon arrival. Rental fees and damage deposits are to be paid in advance of arrival by an approved method of payment.

Final payments are due 30 days before arrival. If you are reserving within 30 days of your arrival date, then payment in full is required.



The only way to guarantee access to a fully cleaned and prepared apartment for morning arrivals is to reserve the night before your scheduled arrival day. Please inquire now if you need to add a night to your reservation.



The number of guests specified and agreed to in emails between the guest and United Services Company shall not be exceeded under any circumstance. If we find you have more guests in the apartment than agreed to originally, you will forfeit your full damage deposit and we reserve the right to terminate the rental immediately as well as this rental agreement.



A refundable damage deposit of 300€ is required on all rentals and is included in the second payment. The amount of the damage deposit shall in no way limit the tenant’s financial responsibility for damage or deterioration made to the apartment during the tenant’s stay. The owners will hold your damage deposit until you have vacated the apartment, and we have confirmed that any breakage or damage (normal wear-and-tear excluded), lost keys, out-of-the-ordinary cleaning charges and excessive phone bills have been paid for. You are responsible for maintaining the apartment in tidy condition. Apartments left in an unreasonably dirty condition in our opinion may incur additional charges to be deducted from the damage deposit. The owners will refund the balance to you within 30 days of you leaving the premises.



please note that we are not responsible for any objects that may be left behind in the property. You are 100% liable for all your personal belongings.



There is absolutely no smoking allowed inside the apartment. Smoking inside the apartment will result in forfeit of the damage deposit and potential other costs for cleaning or damages.



Due to guest allergies, pets are not allowed inside the apartment.



Apartment door keys and locks are extremely expensive and should be treated with the utmost care.

Many key replacement costs are over 200€. All key replacements, lock-out and locksmith charges are payable by the renter. Please never leave a door key in the lock on the inside when leaving the apartment; you may be locked out, even with the second door key.



50€ (applies only to situations where a locksmith is not required and the greeter comes to the apartment to unlock the door for you). Locksmith charges for any lock damages or problems are at the expense of the renter and payable directly to the locksmith.


CANCELLATIONS for internal reservations :

A 200€ fee or 10% of the full rental fee (above the amount of 2000€) applies to all cancellations and changes.

Cancellations made more than 60 days before arrival will receive a full refund minus this fee. Cancellations made within 60 days of arrival will not receive any refund unless we are able to re-rent the apartment for the cancelled dates. In that case, any refund would still be subject to the cancellation/ change fee.

Should you choose to leave the apartment prior to the check-out date on this agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund. Payment in full of the rental will be due if you cancel within 60 days of arrival.


Travel insurance is recommended for all travelers and the associated costs and selection of the company remains your responsibility. ADUCIEL is one option; however, please note that we do not endorse any one particular company. You may click here to obtain a free quote for your premium:

In the very rare circumstance that the apartment you have reserved becomes un-rentable due to damages suc h a s fire or water damage, construction, or other unforeseeable issues that would adversely affect your stay in our opinion, United Services Company will notify you immediately and will do our best to relocate you to another apartment; appropriate refunds as deemed necessary in our opinion will be made. Please note that in this situation, the apartment owners and United Services Company shall be limited in liability to the rental fees paid thus far toward the apartment rental.



A single violation by the renter(s) of any of the provisions of this agreement shall be deemed a material breach and shall be the cause for termination of this agreement.



we respect our neighbors, and we ask you to do the same, please. You are a guest in the apartment, but you are also a guest in the building. Please be aware of noise and be respectful to your neighbors (take off your shoes in the apartment, no loud music after 9pm and before 9am, no parties/events, etc.). In the case that a neighbor in the building complains about the behavior of a guest, this shall be deemed a violation of the terms of this contract; the contract shall then be considered void, you will be asked to leave immediately, and will not receive any refund.



you agree to hold harmless the owner and the agents of the owner from any and all damage, injury, loss, expense, claim, action or liability of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused including, without limitation, a claim of any kind by any member of the guest party (including those of minor children), which arise from or relates in any way to the use or occupation of the property by the guest, members of the guest party, or by invitees of the guest. The guest is responsible for any damage of any kind to the property caused or contributed to by the guest, members of the guest party, or by invitees of the guest. The fact that children are permitted on the property does not imply that the property is without risk to children.

By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

In the event of a dispute between us, we agree to resolve it by negotiation. United Services Company is a registered company in Paris, France.

In the event a court has determined that the owner(s) or United Services Company has any liability hereunder, such liability shall be limited to the total fees paid by renter to the owner pursuant to this rental agreement.

By clicking, I accept and agree to all terms and conditions of this rental agreement.

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